Passage of Time

It’s been a really long time since we have wrote here but I was thinking of this the other day and wanted to start it back up.

So much happiness has happened since our last entry, which I think I’ll let the other sisters do their writing about their own moments, and I’ll later write about my joys.

Today, I want to talk about the grief that was the cause of us to forget about this blog for a while in the first place.

Our daddy died.

Those three words have had the biggest effect on our lives. A ripple effect really, causing waves and waves of changes- both in who we are and how we live our lives.

It was a cold Saturday in December. ” A day that will live in infamy” both for people remembering Pearl Harbor, and for me,my family and father’s friends. As most days that turn out to completely change you seem to go, it felt very normal. I remember being really excited because Christy and Rick were coming in for the weekend. I had been busy decorating my first apartment for Christmas. because I saw the visit as a great opportunity  to throw a little get together at my place, and do some wine and chocolate tastings that I had learned about at a tour, the week before.

Mom called me that morning and told me that Dad was making breakfast for everyone and that I should come over. Usually I would never turn that down, but I was busy prepping for everyone to come over. I started hanging garland and making buffalo chicken dip, in anticipation for the day. While I was baking for the party, Mom, Christy, Rick, and Daddy went to get the Christmas Tree. That night we would decorate, as was family tradition.

Everyone came over and I was in my joy, hosting. I remember when Daddy came in the door. I had seen him on Thursday but he hugged me like he hadn’t seen me in days, like he really missed me. As he hugged me, he kissed my cheek. Maybe God let the moment stick in my mind because it was my last hug. Even so, the hug would have remained in my memory, even if it had not been the last because I remember thinking in that moment, how much my Dad loved me, and how much I loved him. It was just one of those moments in time that completely freezes in your mind and stays there. A moment that when you remember it, you not only remember it but you FEEL it. I still feel it to this day.

After the party, the guys went back to chop wood at the house. The girls went to some boutiques and a party the health food store was having. We got back to the house around 4:45.

I remember pulling in the driveway and it was dark, my car lights were on. I remember my lights shining in the back of the truck, and seeing the Christmas Tree still there. I remember thinking it was weird that Dad wouldn’t have insisted that they bring in the tree before dark. I remember walking in and the guys being in the kitchen but Daddy wasn’t in there like he would have been preparing snacks for our tree decorating, if things were normal. I remember Mom asking where he was and Rick saying he was laying down. I remember walking back the hallway with Mom, because we both felt something wasn’t right. I remember seeing my dad and knowing instantly that he was gone….forever.

Very little from the upcoming months really sticks out to me. I think God guarded my heart with a shield to heal. It was more like coasting through life, rather than living. I say that, although, I felt peace about it the entire time. Everything about the situation, God handled in kindness. He took him instantly, the coroner said. I know God had us come home shortly after, because there was nothing we could have done. If I had been there, I would have blamed myself, thinking there was something I could have done in those moments. God made it very obvious that it was my Dad’s time, my kind, gentle, funny, and loving father.

Death is not easy to deal with but it does get easier with time. You develop into a different person. You think completely differently. Things that were important to you before, you now realize are trivial.

Always treat the ones you love like it’s their last day, and last moment. Usually, when that moment actually does come, you’re not expecting it.




Aviana 23 months


In just over a month Matt and I will be the parents of a 2 year old and a newborn! Life is bound to be craziness for awhile but I’m so excited and can’t wait for Baby L to arrive! Here is a little about our Aviana at 23 months.

Aviana: 23 months
Height: 34 inches
Weight: 28 pounds
#Teeth: All but her 2 year old molars!

Favorite Foods: all fruits (she could eat fruit all day!), honey (likes it on her yogurt), cereal, favorite veggie is carrots

Favorite Toys:
Playing with dolls is still her favorite thing to do. She LOVES babies, she’ll say “baby cry” and then pick up her baby and hug the doll or she will give the doll a bottle. She still loves to cover her babies with blankets and pat their backs while saying, “night night.” On Mondays and Wednesdays she is the first one to arrive at daycare so sometimes they will ask her if she wants to see the babies in the nursery. I guess this is where she picked up her ‘Mommy skills’. She gets very excited about all things baby related, I think she’ll be a wonderful big sister :)!

Favorite Books: The Elmo Seek and Find book. Aviana and Matt read this every night before bed. It amazes me how she can name everything in the book now and knows where all the objects are. This book has become bedtime routine followed by the farm animal book (one of those touch books) which she flips through and kisses each animal and says ‘night night’. I especially love when she says goodnight to the cow and the sheep. She says, night night moo, night night baaaa.

Speaking of nighttime routine, Matt has taken this over in the last month so that Aviana is used to him putting her to bed since very soon I will be busy nursing a newborn every two hours! They sing the same songs every night and it always has to be in the same order, old macdonald, twinkle twinkle little star, and baaa baaa black sheep. Sometimes I spy on them rocking and singing on the video monitor because it makes my heart happy!

New Vocab: Aviana can count to 3 and knows her colors! She says 2-3 word sentences and you can tell she understands almost everything anyone says to her.

That’s our 23 month old in a nutshell. Now to get back to her 2nd birthday party planning before she awakes from her nap!

Laura 🙂

Christy’s Z Sister Bachlorette Day and Laura’s Maternity Pictures

Our little family rose early Saturday morning and headed north to my parent’s house. Matt dropped me off at the spa for Christy’s Sister Spa Bachlorette party! Christy had her typical bachelorette party in NYC last weekend with but since I’m super pregnant (36 weeks!) and Bekah is under 21 we decided to have a separate more laid back Spa bachelorette party for her, Z sister style! So Saturday morning, my Mom, Christy, Kate, Bekah and I were pampered with massages and pedicures, followed by yummy lunch and some shopping. With the aches and pains that the last few weeks of pregnancy bring, I was very thankful for my prenatal massage. It was a wonderful girl’s day, Z sister bonding day, celebrating our Christy! That night the celebrations continued, with a delicious PB cake (I’ll have our baker Kate post the recipe!) to celebrate my Dad’s birthday (he requests PB chocolate cake every year!)

Sunday was picture day for our family! Did you all know that Bekah is an amazing photographer? She did Christy’s engagement pictures and I just loved them so we asked her to do my maternity pictures as well as some family shots. Here are just a few of my favorites!

Laura 🙂

pic 17

pic 14

pic 13

pic 12

pic 11

pic 10

pic 9

pic 7

pic 6

pic 5

pic 3

Showered With Love

My bridal shower on Saturday was a day of cupcakes, presents, games, laughter, and love. It had all the pieces of a wonderful memory! Held at a local restaurant, my girls created a creative and personalized space perfect for the occasion. My bridesmaid, Megan, made confetti and heart streamers from pages of my favorite novel, “The Great Gatsby.” My big sister and matron of honor, Laura, having organized the event, brought the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever eaten! There were amazing hors’ dourves and flavored water and lemonade. We all raved about the food for days!

My maid of honor, Kelly, had contacted Rick and had him write the story of how we met. Guests tried to fill in blanks, which resulted in some hilarious responses! The biggest uproar resulted from the line, “When in Baltimore, Christy first introduced me to______.” The correct answer is “sushi,” but my mother in law screamed out “Sex!” Horrified, and sitting next to my mother, my face turned scarlet red. My friend, Colleen, immediately defended my honor with, “Christy’s not that kind of girl!” Haha, thanks Colleen! Later, Rick and I laughed that our parents meeting is a bit like the movie “Meet the Fockers,” as their conservative and liberal lifestyles combine. In our opinion, it is the perfect balance!

The generosity bestowed on me that day from my family and friends was overwhelming. Rick and I are truly blessed to have such caring, sincere people in our lives. We stocked our kitchen with all kinds of new things, including a coffee maker, crock pot, kitchenaid and more. My best friends put thought into their gifts with framed art of where Rick and I are getting married connected to where we’re honeymooning. They had a bridal bath robe embroidered with my new name “Mrs. Dietz,” and supplied us with our first set of Christmas ornaments. Laura also personalized her gifts with a Dietz family doormat and my something blue, a handkerchief with our names and wedding date embroidered on it. All in all, I could not have asked for more! Enjoy the pictures taken from the well known photographer in the family, the youngest Z, my Bekah.

Love, Christy











Girls (even pregnant!!!) Just Want to Have Fun!


Preggo Girls Weekend

Even preggo mommas need a break!  Before the chaos of having a second baby, I decided to take a weekend off.  It’s been my turn to visit my dear friend Stacy for quite some time.  She and her husband bought a beautful home south of Charlotte over a year ago and I still had yet to see it.  Stacy is also pregnant!  She’s due four week before me, in early June.  We discussed how fun it would be to do a Preggo Girls Weekend.  Matt thought it was a great idea, wonderful husband that he is.  He reminded me it will be my last time to get away without a baby for awhile (as I plan to breastfeed baby number two for a least a year too).  So I booked my flight to Charlotte for a weekend stay.  I cried my eyes out leaving Aviana, and really thought about cancelling the trip (I’ve never been away from her for a whole weekend).  I’m so glad I went though, my little toddler did just fine with her Daddy, and this momma has some much needed girl time and relaxation.

What does a pregnant girls weekend consist of?  Well it is quite different from the weekends Stacy and I used to have back in school, but it was just perfect for our 30+ pregnant selves ;)!

A Pregnant Girls Weekend Consists Of:

1.  Lots of yummy food, this includes delicous fancy dinners and dessert!

2. Lots of shopping (for baby items of course!  it’s just no fun shopping for maternity clothes!)

3. Prenatal massages (one word, AMAZING!)

4.  Alcohol free wine (what’s a girls weekend, without wine?  btw, just not the same, but it did help somewhat with the craving!)

I had a wonderful time seeing my friend, her new house, her city, and of course her baby bump!  Sometimes it takes a girl weekend to remind you of the person you are and were, for the role of MOM can often consume a woman.  The ending to a wonderful weekend, was coming home sunday night and hugging my Hubby and my sweet little daugther.  They say to take trip before each baby with your husband, but I think it’s also important to have a weekend away with one (or more!) of your best friends.  I recommend it to every Mom to be!



Swaddles, lullabies, and sleepless nights! Here we go again!

Aviana, excited to be a big sister!

Aviana, excited to be a big sister!

Baby Lehman #2 at 11 weeks

Baby Lehman #2 at 11 weeks

Swaddles, lullabies, and sleepless nights! Here we go again!

That’s right, Matt and I are expecting Baby #2 and we’re over the moon! Matt just about fell over when he opened the positive pregnancy test (I wrapped it up and gave to him as a present, in an eyeglass case, he thought he was getting new sunglasses,hehe). Baby #2 was a little less planned but we couldn’t be happier or more excited to make our family a family of four! Baby #2 is expected to join our family sometime around July 3rd, perhaps a little firecracker?!

Boy or girl?!?! How anyone waits until their baby’s birthday to find out is beyond me, we will find out on Valentine’s Day!