Pink Lemonade Birthday Party

Aviana’s Pink Lemonade Birthday Party!

Baby’s 1st birthday. It’s big deal, a big milestone, so why not have a BIG party to celebrate our baby girl and our amazing first year with her. I remember talking to my dental hygeinist while at the dentist office and she said, “Yeah, we threw a big party for our firstborn, after that stress our second child had a much smaller 1st birthday party!” Stress? It’s a party, it’s a FIRST birthday party, for a baby, should be easy, should be fun, right!?! Well it was a lot of planning and a lot of work, especially for hubby and me who both work. However, it was a wonderful day with wonderful people and the most precious baby birthday girl and totally 100 percent worth it ūüôā

Aviana¬†as I mentioned in my last blog was born July 20th, 2011. Given she’s only 1 and obviously did not have a preference on her party theme, her momma chose for her!! I chose a Pink Lemonade theme, because it’s July and hot, and pink and yellow are such girly happy colors together. I found a pink and yellow tutu for the birthday girl, and Aviana¬†was Tu Tu¬†cute (hehe, sorry couldn’t resist!). Seriously though, are there much cuter things in this world than a little girl in a tutu?!?! I found the tutu on Zulily, which if you haven’t tried it yet is a daily deal site for moms, babies, and kids. I have bought a ton of stuff over the last year and a half on Zulily¬†and found great deals. Here is a zulily invite for you if you want to check it out.

I also used Etsy for the invitations, decorations, photo clips, and pink and white straws. Here are the shop owners I bought from.

DazzleExpressions: for the invitations and thank you cards

stockberrystudio: pink lemonade stand birthday printable DIY party kit

scrappinash: for the photo clips (for Aviana’s month by month pictures) and for the pink and white straws.

I couldn’t find a personalized photo pink lemonade invitation anywhere on the photo sites, shutterfly, snapfish, etc. Then I tried Etsy, and it even ended up saving us money to order from Etsy¬†and print them out ourselves. DazzleExpressions did a wonderful job and we got lots of compliments on the invites.

The DIY party kit by stockberrystudio¬†was AWESOME they had everything you could possibly think of to print out for a party. Matt had to remind me several times, “Laura, don’t go overboard”! So so many pink lemonade printables, I tried to be selective and picked my favorites ūüôā You can see on the site what the kit includes. We used to following:

Cupcake toppers (for round punch)

Water bottle label

Placement cards


Decoration Banner Spacers

Signs (For the lemonade dispensers and we used a blank one to inform our guests to write a note to Aviana of the lemon stickies, see picture)

Triangle Garland (on her high chair)

Small Candy Wrapper

I got the mason jars at Kmart. The lemon stickies¬†at Michael’s (for a dollar!). The poms¬†at party store (they have them at party city, or you can DIY, they have directions on potterybarn kids website).

We had 60 people come to the party, 16 of which were children, most of them under or around the age of one! It was a wonderful day and as you can see from the pictures, Aviana really got into her smash cake!

Happy Birthday, Aviana!!!!

Laura ūüėČ


Happy Birthday, Aviana!

At 8pm, like every other night, Aviana and I went upstairs to her pink room for bedtime.¬† Tonight though is different because tonight my baby girl turns ONE.¬† We picked a book out of her book case and she snuggled on my lap on the glider.¬† After we read her bedtime story I held her out in front of me and sat her on my lap.¬† I looked at her beautiful little face, her big hazel eyes (much like my own eyes), her little button nose.¬† “The next time I see you, you will be ONE.”¬† I tell her.¬† As I said the words the tears started to form and stream down my cheeks and I hugged her tight.¬†¬† For the next twenty or so minutes as I nursed her and glided back and forth, I thought about the last year.¬† The pictures on this very glider of my preggo belly July 19th of last year before we left for the hospital, the pain I was in that night, the pushing, Matt’s face at 1:04 in the morning July 20th, 2011, when this precious angel entered our lives, and the amazing days at the hospital as we got to know our little girl.¬† I’ve learned so much in this last year but what has really surprised me is that being a ‘Mom’ to Aviana was like her birth, very natural and both tougher and more wonderful than I imagined.¬† I’m hoping in this blog to share my experiences raising our first born (and perhaps her sibling/s ;))¬† Happy Birthday to my Precious Aviana, thank you for all the happiness you bring us! ūüôā

love at first sight

Aviana and her Mommy with Aunt Kate and Aunt Bekah

Aviana Month by Month


Sisters: Mirrors of Ourselves

We’re here, and this is the start of our mark on the world! ¬† I don’t know if anyone will want to read what we have to say, but we’re gonna try. ¬†Though, perhaps my sisters and I are doing this not as much for other people, as for ourselves. ¬†My three sisters and I are spread apart over the span of 11 years, but if you met us or spent time with us, you would barely notice the age difference. ¬†We are all grown now, and as we find ourselves in different stages of life, we hope that this blog will help in bringing us back together again and again. ¬†We are continuously united by our understanding of and adoration for our parents, our mutual background, our similar world views and, most of all, our love for each other.

We are excited to be embarking on this journey together! ¬†We have such a broad range of interests among the four of our dynamic personalities,and I am sure you will come to find that you connect with one if not all of us. ¬†Thank you for sharing this journey with us; prepare to hear stories of house-hunting, wedding planning, college life, newborn and toddler craziness, the search to find one’s self, and the love between four girls who have spent their lives as free-thinking reflections of each other.

Thanks again; we hope you enjoy our blogs!