Sisters: Mirrors of Ourselves

We’re here, and this is the start of our mark on the world!   I don’t know if anyone will want to read what we have to say, but we’re gonna try.  Though, perhaps my sisters and I are doing this not as much for other people, as for ourselves.  My three sisters and I are spread apart over the span of 11 years, but if you met us or spent time with us, you would barely notice the age difference.  We are all grown now, and as we find ourselves in different stages of life, we hope that this blog will help in bringing us back together again and again.  We are continuously united by our understanding of and adoration for our parents, our mutual background, our similar world views and, most of all, our love for each other.

We are excited to be embarking on this journey together!  We have such a broad range of interests among the four of our dynamic personalities,and I am sure you will come to find that you connect with one if not all of us.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us; prepare to hear stories of house-hunting, wedding planning, college life, newborn and toddler craziness, the search to find one’s self, and the love between four girls who have spent their lives as free-thinking reflections of each other.

Thanks again; we hope you enjoy our blogs!









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