Happy Birthday, Aviana!

At 8pm, like every other night, Aviana and I went upstairs to her pink room for bedtime.  Tonight though is different because tonight my baby girl turns ONE.  We picked a book out of her book case and she snuggled on my lap on the glider.  After we read her bedtime story I held her out in front of me and sat her on my lap.  I looked at her beautiful little face, her big hazel eyes (much like my own eyes), her little button nose.  “The next time I see you, you will be ONE.”  I tell her.  As I said the words the tears started to form and stream down my cheeks and I hugged her tight.   For the next twenty or so minutes as I nursed her and glided back and forth, I thought about the last year.  The pictures on this very glider of my preggo belly July 19th of last year before we left for the hospital, the pain I was in that night, the pushing, Matt’s face at 1:04 in the morning July 20th, 2011, when this precious angel entered our lives, and the amazing days at the hospital as we got to know our little girl.  I’ve learned so much in this last year but what has really surprised me is that being a ‘Mom’ to Aviana was like her birth, very natural and both tougher and more wonderful than I imagined.  I’m hoping in this blog to share my experiences raising our first born (and perhaps her sibling/s ;))  Happy Birthday to my Precious Aviana, thank you for all the happiness you bring us! 🙂

love at first sight

Aviana and her Mommy with Aunt Kate and Aunt Bekah

Aviana Month by Month



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