Come Sail Away…

“I’m so geeked out by our braids,” Laura laughs and smiles back at me and Kate in the back seat. We’re pulling out of the parking lot of a Myrtle Beach hotel, headed to go para sailing for the day. I laugh too, amused by the four of us in our childish hairstyles, doing something together and matching.

We drive with the windows down, the summer sun hot and the air coming through the windows warm.  I look at the car seat beside me, the cute baby toys sitting various places. I look at Christy’s engagement ring and reflect on all the change that comes so fast. Babies, weddings, careers, college. I look at my sisters, with all the same hairstyle in that moment but so different when it comes down to our characters, passions, personalities. So different, and yet bonded by the love only sisters have.

I was truly content in the moment, as we sailed, I realized it was a moment made just for the four of us.


Who Eye Am- Identification & Discovery

The first blog…It has taken me quite some time to get myself to sit down and try to figure out what exactly I want to say to the world. With my older sister’s persistance, I am giving in and I find that, as I sit, the words float rather freely from my mind to the keyboard. Perhaps it comes from being an avid blogger in the past? This blog will differ because it is about me and my sisters and how we are not really four but one. We are one in heart, four in body.

I am twenty-four years old. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and am the shortest of the four sisters. I am only 5’3 and although I sometimes find myself wishing for longer, thinner legs, I really do like my height. My friends/family think that it is kind of ironic that I have flats in every color!

I would describe my passion as “sight”. I like to see the things that the average person would not take the time or effort to see. I like to make things more beautiful or bring out their beauty. I like to experiment with different colors and textures and find something unique that works. I have only just recently discovered this as my gift.

This June, Bekah and I, along with her bff Rosie, went to a festival held at the local nunery. This yearly event in our hometime was full of fun, adventure, and unique finds. As I checked out at the counter with my over-abundance of miscellaneous items, an elderly nun smiled at me and said, ” You must have a very gifted eye. The items that you have chosen are ones that others would have overlooked. You must have a very artistic spirit and see things that no one else can see.” Her words inspired me and helped me to see this attribute in myself and draw out my need to discover it further.

I consider myself at a struggling point in my life. I am trying to find my first home, trying to find my career path, and trying to find out who I am. Maybe this blog will help a little bit in my journey of self-discovery and you can get to know me along the way!

❤ Kate