Like a Perfect Pair of Shoes

Well, the process has both ended and yet, only begun!!   I am a first time home buyer and today, I signed the contract for a beautiful little house that is everything that I had hoped for.   Needless to say, it has not been an easy search.  Although my hunting is over, now I must go through the toils of making myself a dedicated member of society.   My dad welcomed me to “slavery”.   This slavery will begin with a new loan, a housing inspection, and insurance. It is scary and I am already certain it will be full of life lessons.
In January, I started to watch the market and get an idea on pricing trends, good neighborhoods, and house designs that I might be interested in.  I did some drive bys and decided what things I could live without and what things I had to have.  It was not until August that I started to view homes in person with a realtor.
House #1 :
This home was sooo cute.  It had an open floor plan with brand new carpeting and a newly designed kitchen with tile floors.  The downstairs bath was something you would see on home and garden television.  The upstairs was a huge open floor plan bedroom with a walk-in closet and an old fashion bath.  Although it may seem that the house had no real problems I soon found out that it was in the flood zone.  It was so cute that it was hard to let go of the idea of living there but I knew that after the flood of 2011, there was no way that I could handle losing everything–whether covered by insurance or not.
House #2:
This home had excellent curb appeal.  A brick exterior along a row of houses, up on a hill.  The hardwood floors were a big plus but they buckled, combined with other signs of mediocre care of the site and 1970s metal closet doors that screeched.  There were many huge turn-offs but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a little bit of money.  The finished basement was a redeeming quality with exposed brick walls and a modern bar.  My father, a tough critic (important with this type of scenerio), pointed out that it looked like there was lots of water damage in the ceiling.  Although there were some positives, overall this house was a no.
House #3:
Third time is a charm!  This house was definitely above what I wanted to go in price, but once I saw the front porch, attached garage, open floor plan, oak cabinetry, and meticulous care….I was in love.  My parents came with me for the second showing and my dad encouraged me to make an offer saying that he did not believe I could find better.  I made an offer that night!
As I posed for pictures on the front porch this afternoon, papers in hand, I could not believe that a week ago I did not even know anything about this house.  It happened so quickly yet, I’m already planning my future there.
As my dad asked…. “Aren’t you glad you waited?”.  I answer with a definite YES!  Like finding the perfect pair of shoes, which will fit perfectly in my new walk-in closet, sometimes you just have to hunt for a while :)
❤ Kate

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