I’m Going to Miss This

Thursday night my husband and I were talking about the upcoming weekend.  After I got off work Saturday morning we would leave for my parents.  After arriving, we would head straight to Knoebels  (an amusement park) and eat dinner the four of us and Aviana at a restaurant there.  Sunday, we would head to the State Fair.  My parents offered to watch Aviana so Matt and I could enjoy the fair for the day together.    Knoebels and the State Fair are two places where I have many happy childhood memories and I try to get back to once a year.

I have off Fridays so it’s always Mommy and Aviana day.   I am part of a playgroup with five other women and their babies and we meet on Fridays.  We decided to meet at a park since it was GORGEOUS out and enjoy the day.  Aviana was having a great time and was climbing everything!  She has no fear.  I was exhausted by the end and felt like I’d spent a couple hours at the gym!   Her nose was running a little and I contributed that to her new tooth coming in (tooth #5).  Around noon, she wanted me to pick her up and then she put her head on my shoulder and started to fall asleep so we left.   Here are some pictures of her at the park.























She usually sleeps two hours and she slept three.   After the third hour when she stirred a little so I decided just to go in and check on her, since it’s so rare that she naps that long.  She was burning up!!!  I was shaking, I checked her temperature 102.8.

I had so much anxiety and worry that I couldn’t sleep until around midnight.  Matt set his alarm clock for 2am so we could check her temperature and sent me back to bed and said he would stay with her since I had to work.  At 3:30am after tossing and turning for over an hour I checked on them. A precious sight, Matt sleeping by Aviana’s bed, Stewy (our yorkipoo), sleeping next to him.

Needless to say our weekend plans changed.  I came home from work to my poor sick little girl, with her feverish eyes and her runny nose.  We read books and played with puzzles.  We rocked and rocked in her room.  It was like the early days, back when she cuddled, she rarely cuddles anymore, just wants to be up running around, exploring the world.   There is a country song, by Trace Adkins, that started to play in my head as I rocked her.  The lyrics go like this,

“You’re going to miss this  You’re going to want this back  You’re going to wish these days  Hadn’t gone by so fast  These are some good times  So take a good look around  You may not know it now  But you’re going to miss this”

I thought about our weekend plans.  Rocking her, her head on my shoulder, this is what I’m going to miss.  Kissing her beautiful head and singing her songs, it’s worth all the cancelled plans.

Cuddle your babies….you are going to miss this!

Laura 😉


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