Where’s the Finish Line?

It’s Saturday.  Usually, I keep my mind focused on Saturday because it means freedom and a chance to relax away from my plus forty hour a week job in an urban school district.  But, today is a lock-down day.  My friends know “lock-down day” well; it means I’m not communicating with anyone all day and focusing solely on writing my Master’s thesis.  I find that these days are hard to come by as the weekends fill up so quickly.  I try desperately during the week to have the motivation to write, but I’m so exhausted after work I only want to be with my fiancee, Rick and cuddle my dog, Bella.  So, I dedicate mandated weekends to this endeavor.

I’ve been working on a Master’s degree from Penn State part time for the last three years.  I have finished all of my course work, and my thesis is the only thing between me and graduation.  “Only thing” sounds so much less intimidating than I am finding it to be.  My topic focuses on how the subversive collegiate generation of the 1920s was a catalyst for social change in America.  You’re enthralled right now, huh?  I know; so, imagine having to write 60+ pages on it.  In all honesty, it is a good topic.  It truly is interesting how college students of the 20’s broke barriers that no other generation had broken before.  The 20’s do fascinate me.  It was an era of new style, originality, rebellious activity and progress.  It was an infamous age.  I do love my topic, so it isn’t that.  It is all about my time.  Because, there is no time…

We strive through life to not just do the things that we choose to pursue, but to do them well.  I sent in the first three chapters of my thesis to my first reader, a professor I respect and am fond of.  He returned  the first chapter with countless comments and corrections.  My heart sank; I broke down to Rick in tears, doubting my ability to finish.  I spent five hours of my day fixing those errors.  I then took a break and walked Bella.  It was a beautiful fall day today, and as I was walking, the sky filled with that heavenly glow it gets right before the sun falls.  I was filled with frustration at that point; but, when looking up at that gorgeous sky, I couldn’t help but feel peace.

I may not finish my thesis this fall, and I may not be able to accept my diploma in December, but even if it takes me months longer than I planned, I’ll prevail.  After all, nothing worth having in this world comes easily, right?  Below is a picture of my work station, as you can see I have sacrificed the kitchen table my grandparents passed down to me for scholarly research.  I like to think they would be proud!

I do enjoy writing, and I hope to write again soon.  If not, feel free to blame Penn State; these days they won’t even notice. 😉



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