Don’t Steal my Sunshine

On Friday afternoon, after work, I rushed to my housing inspection.  Both anxious and excited, I put on a friendly smile and introduced myself to the inspection duo.  Their over-friendliness and thorough explanations made me relieved that I had not received my realtor’s coupon for their competitors sooner.

We started in the basement and went over what needed more attention, what was really impressive about the facilities, and what I would have to do if I one day wanted a kiln down there to make pottery.

As a first-time homebuyer and going into this all by myself, I found the “flaws” of my future home overwhelming. The inspectors were kind and seemed to sense my worry, telling me that I had myself “a really nice little home”. I enjoyed the inspection, as it was the most time I had spent in the home– walking around and discovering things, on my own.The sellers had not been negotiable in the price of the home, which I found frustrating and overbearing when I had made my offer. Having watched the market for months, I knew that I was paying top-dollar for my home, but had not seen one that fit my wants and needs more.  This non-negotiable attitude is what worries me tonight. During the inspection, the immediate need for a new roof was discovered. An active leak into the garage, that had been active for some time, is all it took to “steal my sunshine”.

My realtor, after having been at another appointment, showed up shortly after this problem was discovered. She emphasized to the inspectors how vital it was that they include the need of a new roof in the inspection report.

I worry because I love the house so much but I know that I should withdraw my offer if they do not offer money towards a new roof or replace it themselves.


Just when I thought the hard part of all of this was over…

❤ Kate


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