Poor Man’s (College Kid’s) Stained Glass


“What’s something easy?” My partner Simone looks at me during class as my professor announces the lesson we need to teach in a few weeks. I slump a little in my chair, feeling uninspired. “Um, I don’t know…maybe some kind of collage?”

Truth is, when it came to teaching an art lesson to 3-5 year old’s I had no idea what was in their range of understanding. We suggested tracing their hands and making leaves- “Too Cliche”. We suggested making a fall tree- “Too prescribed”.

Finally, we decided on a collage with tissue paper. Layering the paper makes “Color Magic”, as my professor calls it, when two colors combine to create a new color. Basically it’s an easy way to make something look really colorful and great even if the kids are terrible at it.

It was then that the internet saved us, because we found a site that talked about creating tissue paper collages on windows. It’s so easy. All you need to do is get some liquid starch (made with corn starch and hot water), paint the starch on the window and apply the tissue paper.

I’m hoping it goes well with the kids this Wednesday, but even if it doesn’t, my apartment windows are looking pretty good.



Liquid Starch Recipe Here




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