The Search for a Dress Continues

Saturday was a day highly anticipated; with a little over nine months until my wedding day, the search for the perfect bridesmaid’s dress is on.  My three best friends Kelly, Megan and Steph came over around one, and Rick drove us to the bridal boutique  for our 2:30 appointment.

Upon arrival, we faced the first obstacle- color scheme.  Here’s the back story.  I fell in love with Alfred Angelo’s color “lipstick” as well as a dress on their line… only to find that the color as well as the dress were being discontinued in a week.  With Rick’s sister living in California, I knew there was no way I would be able to pull that together in time.  So, I requested a swatch of the lipstick color and have been on a search for the color, both online and at bridal shops, ever since.

The bridal boutique had similar but not an exact color match, which brings us to obstacle two- material.  The closest color was in the material called “iridescent taffeta” or something of that nature.  Hideous.  No girl should have to wear that material.

Finally, after trying on ten or so dresses, we were able to find two long dresses in a close enough color that all of the girls loved.  At this time, Laura and Kate arrived to aid in the dress shopping.  They too loved the dresses.  This brings us to the third obstacle- price.  As the tag read “$240,” my heart sank.  I knew regardless of the measly 10% discount the girls would get, Kate and Bekah would struggle to pay for the dress, with Kate buying a new house and Bekah scraping through college.

So, what is a girl to do?  For now, I guess I will continue the search… although I should be considering opening my own dress shop with affordable dresses in desired colors/fabrics.  I mean honestly, does it really need to be this hard?

After the girls were measured we made our way over to the Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant to relax and enjoy dinner and drinks.  Sipping on Oktoberfest with some of my maids was the highlight of the day.  Regardless of how the dress debacle pans out, I could not be more grateful to have such wonderful girls in my life.  Enjoy these shots of us before, during and after.



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