~Fifteen months with Aviana~

The months have gone by so quickly since Aviana’s birth.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 months since the day she was born.  There is so much I want to remember and I try to cherish every cute thing she does.  Here is a little about my active, adorable little toddler.

AVIANA:  15 months old today!

Height:  30 inches
Weight:  23 pounds
#Teeth:  5, two on top, three on the bottom
Favorite Foods:  Avocado, Watermelon, and Strawberries
Favorite Song:  Baa Baa Black Sheep
Favorite Book:  The Bubble Book, Green Hat Blue Hat (she loves Sandra Boynton Books)
Vocab: Dog, Plane, Bye, Hi, All Done,  Mooo (as in, what does a cow say?), Uh-Oh

My Fun Toddler:

-Aviana loves to ‘give Stewy a treat’.  I’ll give a treat to Stewy (our yorkipoo)  and one to Aviana to give to Stewy.  Our little munchkin is a tease!  She’ll wait for Stewy to come of the treat then she runs (yes, I call it running now!) to the other side of the room and she giggles(there is not a sound more wonderful in all the world than a baby giggle in my opinion!!).  This continues and probably would continue for quite awhile but I start to take pity on poor Stewy and coax Aviana to finally drop the treat so Stewy can eat it!

– A  couple week ago she finally started to LOVE books.  Her favorite book is The Bubble Book, a Sesame Street book from the dollar store, typical right 😉  We usually have to read it 4-5 times.  After each time, I say “The end, do you want me to read it again?”  She says “Eh”  (which is yes) and I say, “Yes, Okay!”.   She gets so excited that I understood her she put puts her chin up so she can give me one of her open mouth kisses.  My heart melts everytime!  It definitely makes the process of reading the same story over and over much easier.

-When she is done eating she loves to feed the remainder of her food to Stewy (sometimes this happens even when she’s NOT done eating!).  She throws food on the floor then waits for Stewy to eat it, then throws more down.  If Stewy tries to get it from her hand before she can drop it, she giggles when he licks her fingers.  When she gets to this point, I’ll ask her, “Are you all done?”  and she’ll exclaim,  “ALL DONE!”  which sounds more like Aww Don!

-Peek-a-boo in her pack and play:  I put her in it while I get dressed and ready in the morning.  She’ll hold on to the side but duck her head down.  I’ll say, “Where is Aviana?”  She’ll pop her head up and smile and I’ll exclaim “There she is!” and she giggle.  We repeat this multiple times!  She also loves this game when hiding behind furniture!

-Says Uh-Oh whenever she drops something.

-Loves to sit in things, her chair, on couches, in baskets, in boxes, etc

-Loves to climb up on everything, the couch, her glider.

She grows smarter and more beautiful with everyday, and I love that she is learning to communicate!

Happy 15 month birthday, Aviana Rose 🙂


Here’s a quick catch up on her month to month pictures 12-15 month


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