The Hunt

It has been about two years since my “hunting” hobby started. My mom does not understand why I like to do it and she is not always supportive, but every now and then, I can get her to agree to come along with me to do some thrift store shopping!

At first, it started with my love of design and I wanted to buy pieces of furniture that I could re-do. I started in the thrift stores because I did not want to feel bad if I ruined a piece. The prices are lower so I knew it would not have as much of an impact on me. I started with a nightstand from the 60s (?). Others may have thought it would be a waste but I could see the potential of what it could be. That was enough for me!

Second, I moved on to household decor items. I have bought so many anthropologie-like items, paintings, colored glasses…. I love trying to think of fun ideas of what to do with them! Collecting these items is one reason I NEED to look for my first house. It’s definitely time 😉


Now, I try to go weekly to check out certain places for unique finds. Recently, I went to my town’s thrift store which does not feel like the cleanest surroundings and hat is putting it nicely! I saw a cabinet in the window that I really liked but it had a price of $40 (Which is above my DIY goal range) and I had no truck to take it in. I sadly walked away and looked at the dresses, another of my obsessions. To my surprise, I found several that I wanted to try on and I actually ended up buying a few!

To follow the original fashion rule I made for myself around the age of 13, NEVER make a store off limits. You can find the best finds in the most unlikely of places!

Have a great day everyone 🙂



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