Surprise Vacation

Being the end of December and I was already feeling bad for myself for being back at work and Christmas being over already, I held in my mind that I at least had New Years left!
I was sitting in my cube doing my usual duties when my mom called and asked me if I could get off of work for a week to go to the Bahamas in two weeks! I, of course, found a way! I am so excited! I have never been there before 🙂

Keep watching for details of this spontaneous vacation!
❤ Kate


Z Sister Family Christmas

christmas 1

Like most families a Z sister family Christmas is full of traditions!

Christmas Eve Traditions:
1. Kate and Bekah helping with Dad’s last-minute shopping for Mom
2. Getting dressed up for the Candlelight service and taking family pictures
3. Candlelight Service
4. Lots and Lots of appetizers (in lieu of dinner)
5. Opening our gifts to each other
6. Lots of laughing, hugs, and happiness 🙂
7. Watching one of our favorite Christmas movies together as a family

Christmas Day
1. Waking up and seeing that Santa came
2. Opening gifts from Santa, Momma and Papa Z
3. Eating a delicious breakfast
4. Being lazy all day, watching Christmas movies
5. Eating the most delicious Christmas dinner ever, courtesy of Momma and Papa Z

My Top 10 Favorite Things about this Christmas
1. Snow on Christmas Eve
2. After having to leave the Candlelight service early (Aviana’s bedtime!), waiting outside for Matt to get the car, holding Aviana, it was so quiet. It was snowing and I could see the candelight from the upstairs sanctuary, then suddenly I could hear the Christmas hymns. ~I had a moment~
3. Seeing Christy and her Fiance, Rick so happily engaged on their one and only engaged Christmas
4. Seeing Matt and Rick in their matching hats, future brothers! 🙂
5. Seeing my Mom’s face light up when she got her Kindle fire from ALL of us
6. Giving Aviana her first present Christmas morning, and she sat on the present like a chair with her cheerios!
7. Watching Aviana after she realized how fun opening presents is!
8. Again Aviana, after she got her first baby doll, feeding the doll a bottle, amazingly precious
9. Having my whole family together for a yummy Christmas Dinner
10. Having our own little family Christmas in front of our first REAL tree at our own house later that night, Matt and I opening our gifts/stockings to each other.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too, with your own families and traditions! It truely is a time to count our blessings! 🙂


christmas 2 christmas 3 christmas 4 christmas 5 christmas 6

The Santa Express

santa express

There are tons of fun family Christmas events and activities in our area.  Unfortunately though, most of them are not for one year olds.  I thought The Santa Express though would be perfect for Aviana, so I booked our family 3 tickets!   “She’d get to ride a ‘choo choo’, see Santa, sings songs, she’ll love it,”  I thought, well I was WRONG.  One of the many things I have learned in my 17 months of motherhood, you just can’t predict the actions of a child.  I should have known my dear curious child would not want to sit still on a train.  I should have known that it is torture for a 17 month old to sit when there is so much to explore!  My thoughts are that The Santa Express would probably be fun for older children, but by the end of it Matt and I were exhausted from trying to entertain our squimy little one!  Oh and also, Aviana is VERY afraid of Santa.  I could not even get her within a foot of him, looks like no Christmas pictures with Santa this year, sigh.  I love my husband, he calmly reminded me to not stress, to enjoy these moments, this is what memories are made of, not all memories are perfect.    How thankful I am for my little family, even the not so perfect memories,  but even so there will be no more Santa Express for me!!



P.S.  Above is the best picture I could get of her, she was moving so much!

Aviana 16.5 months

Aviana: 16 months

A big change that happened these last couple months is I went from working 4 days a week to working 3 days a week. I can’t even express how wonderful it has been to have FOUR days in a row as a ‘stay at home mom.’ I feel so very lucky and happy every Thursday morning when I wake up and know I have the next 4 days with her. These last couple months she has changed so much into more of a little girl, running around, talking, pointing out objects. I’m glad I can be around more to see that yet still work in a career I worked hard for and a career that allows me to make a difference in people’s lives.

You would think with more time off I would have blogged more. Well, November and December have been utter craziness. In a later blog, I’ll explain why! I will say though, that I apologize for my infrequent blogging, again you’ll understand once I have a chance to explain! For today though, I’ll focus on my Aviana, who lights up my life 😉

Aviana: 16.5 months

Height: 31 3/4 inches (25-50 percentile)
Weight: 24.6 pounds (50th percentile)
#Teeth: Lots of teeth these last couple months! She now has 12!! 6 on top, 6 on the bottom. This includes 4 molars!
Favorite Foods: Avocado, PB Toast, Earth’s Best Oatmeal Cinnamon cookies, oranges
Favorite Song: Mickey Mouse Hot dog song, starts clapping whenever she hears it
Favorite Book: Picture books: She loves to point out the objects she knows, ball, duck, dog, etc

New Vocab: Duck, Water, Shoes, Keys

Started saying Mama and Dada all the time (and pointing and actually referring to us!!), She’s repeating and attempting to says lots of words 🙂

Life with Aviana:

Aviana loves to carry her little purse around. She puts in her phone and her keys, then she’ll put on her play bracelets. She’ll come over to me and give me a kiss. Walk away, waving, and saying, “bye bye!”

In Aviana’s room there are sheer curtains that she often runs behind. I gave her a kiss once with the curtain between us and she loved it. Now whenever we are in her room playing she’ll run behind the curtain and pucker up, expecting a kiss from her momma!

At daycare, when they put them down for naps, they lay them down and cover them with a blanket and pat their backs until they fall asleep. Aviana will take her dolls, especially Minnie Mouse, and lay her on a blanket, She will take another blanket and making sure it’s just perfect, she’ll lay it over Minnie and then smile and pat Minnie for awhile. It melts my heart!

Aviana has been wonderful about the Christmas tree, she’s never bothered it, even when we first put it up. She just likes to point to every round ornament and exclaim, “BALL!”.

She as become very attached to her blanket these last couple months. She now has to have her ‘blankie’ before bed and makes sure she’s holding it tight when I go to get her in the morning. She calls it her Bay-Bay.

This Saturday we are taking Aviana on the Santa Express. Her first train ride! I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

xo, Laura