Busy Pregnancy!


Here is a pic of the bump! I apologize for my long absence from blogging! It is my goal to catch you all up this weekend. I’m currently 34 weeks, 6 to go :)!



Girls (even pregnant!!!) Just Want to Have Fun!


Preggo Girls Weekend

Even preggo mommas need a break!  Before the chaos of having a second baby, I decided to take a weekend off.  It’s been my turn to visit my dear friend Stacy for quite some time.  She and her husband bought a beautful home south of Charlotte over a year ago and I still had yet to see it.  Stacy is also pregnant!  She’s due four week before me, in early June.  We discussed how fun it would be to do a Preggo Girls Weekend.  Matt thought it was a great idea, wonderful husband that he is.  He reminded me it will be my last time to get away without a baby for awhile (as I plan to breastfeed baby number two for a least a year too).  So I booked my flight to Charlotte for a weekend stay.  I cried my eyes out leaving Aviana, and really thought about cancelling the trip (I’ve never been away from her for a whole weekend).  I’m so glad I went though, my little toddler did just fine with her Daddy, and this momma has some much needed girl time and relaxation.

What does a pregnant girls weekend consist of?  Well it is quite different from the weekends Stacy and I used to have back in school, but it was just perfect for our 30+ pregnant selves ;)!

A Pregnant Girls Weekend Consists Of:

1.  Lots of yummy food, this includes delicous fancy dinners and dessert!

2. Lots of shopping (for baby items of course!  it’s just no fun shopping for maternity clothes!)

3. Prenatal massages (one word, AMAZING!)

4.  Alcohol free wine (what’s a girls weekend, without wine?  btw, just not the same, but it did help somewhat with the craving!)

I had a wonderful time seeing my friend, her new house, her city, and of course her baby bump!  Sometimes it takes a girl weekend to remind you of the person you are and were, for the role of MOM can often consume a woman.  The ending to a wonderful weekend, was coming home sunday night and hugging my Hubby and my sweet little daugther.  They say to take trip before each baby with your husband, but I think it’s also important to have a weekend away with one (or more!) of your best friends.  I recommend it to every Mom to be!